Another one bites the dust

You reap what you sow. Kelly Ernby, Deputy District Attorney of butt red Orange County, who is vocal against COVID-19 vaccinations (and its mandate), has died of COVID-19. As you may have guessed, she wasn’t vaccinated, her husband confirmed. It’s the same story over and over with Republicans (or anti-vaxxers, is there any difference nowadays?), reject science, suffer complications or die.

If the latter happens, Republicans pretend to mourn (over a completely preventable death) and say absolutely nothing about how being vaccinated could’ve saved that person. Interestingly but unsurprisingly, a study (NPR) reveals that Trump supporting counties (at least 60% for Trump) have 270% increased chances of mortality compared to counties that went for Biden.

“California Republican”; joke of the decade.

It gets even higher; reddest tenth of the country experiences a 600% increased chance of mortality compared to the bluest tenth. I don’t wish death on anybody, specifically, Trump supporters; they seem to do it themselves just finely. Meanwhile, California’s indoor mask mandate, which went into effect last year on 12/15, and would’ve expired 1/15, has been extended to February 15.