Disney wants to build a fantasy community (again)

There are times when I admire Disney for what they do, and hate them for what they do. For one, I love much of their relatively modern work with nature documentaries (they own Nat Geo), and appreciate what they’ve done with the Star Wars franchise (Book of Boba Fett, Mandalarian, and unpopular opinion: I liked the last 3 Star Wars movies). What I hate is their greed; like they’re hurting money. As big as a company they are, it irks me how insanely expensive Disney Land is; it’s many children’s’ dreams to go there to have fun, but for many residents, it means spending a lot of hard earned money.

Another thing I hate about Disney at times is their “fantasy”. Be it the shameless sponsorship of crazy expensive gems in Aladdin (2019), or their corny cliche of plot twists. Today, I might have found another reason: They spend a lot of money doing things that would be better served for a better cause. One of them is dabbling in development, building residential communities. Disney attempted their own fantasy community in Florida back in the 90s, known as Celebration. It was plagued with many issues I need not mention here.

Disney announced Cotino, it’s newest attempt to build a fantasy community in Rancho Mirage (in Coachella Valley). It will feature “single family homes, condos, sections for senior living, and an artificial oasis built in the California desert. Yup, in a friggin desert. That doesn’t sound cheap. I can’t imagine anyone having asked “My dream is to live in a fantasy world built by Disney smack dab in the middle of a desert”. Buy hey, someone in Disney must’ve imagined how much money such a thought would be worth. Never mind affordable housing, the over dragged COVID-19 pandemic, and California’s decades long drought.