Dubs can put down the Grizzlies today

Our first game against the Grizzlies was no doubt dramatic, with Draymond Green earning a flagrant 2 (that many disagree with) and getting ejected. The referees made calls like they were either fresh from the G-League, or committed to helping the Grizzlies win. Despite our brutal fight against the referee team, we still won that game by a very close 1 point margin. The next game proved even more dramatic. Gary Payton II would go down with an elbow fracture after a totally unnecessary and dirty foul by Dillon Brooks. The Grizzlies managed to draw blood from Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, with Green nearly getting an injury before it was deemed okay for him to play. Kerr was pissed and said this game was dirty, and it certainly was.

While we lost game 2, things would be brighter at home. Dillon Brooks would be suspended from game 3 due to his foul against Payton. Better yet, we got our proper revenge against the Grizzlies, blowing them out with a 30 point lead (last time we played Grizzlies during the season, none of our starters were in and they showed no sportsmanship when the game was pretty much over by the half). Game 4 would see the lack of Ja Morant, so it shouldn’t be a surprise we won. Ja Morant won’t be in game 5 either, so we can finally put the Grizzlies out of their misery (and we can have a sigh of relief we may not have to see any more awful officiating and dirty plays)