Gas prices are out of control

California has always had one of the highest gas prices in the country, usually hovering at around $4 in normal times; I sure did miss when they were as low as $2 amid the initial stages of the pandemic. But since last month, and more so after the Russia invasion of Ukraine, gas prices are now over $5 a gallon at even the cheapest stations. More pricey ones like Shell and Chevron are nearing $6, even though I’m only in Fresno, where things are at least supposed to be a bit cheaper compared to larger cities.

So, what’s to be done about these insane prices? Well, the Biden administration seems intent on lowering the price by cutting gas taxes; Governor Newsom also seems to want to do this as well (and suspend gas tax hikes this coming summer). The unfortunate thing is that as Democrats, it’s hard to cut taxes when we use those for funding important government projects; Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon for example, isn’t on board for the aforementioned reasons.