Record breaking snow levels!

Fresno and the surrounding Central Valley has received much rain for the past two weeks, to the point I thought I was in Costa Rica. Unsurprisingly, a lot of a rain means a lot of snow, especially for the adjacent Sierra Nevada mountain range. 17 feet of snow was recorded for this month, and is the most snow ever to fall on a December. For context, the most snow ever was on a January (2017), which was nearly 20 feet of snow.

Snowpack is important for our water needs as well, as the Sierra Nevada supplies 30% of our fresh water supply. It was depressingly low last winter, despite having the atmospheric river phenomenon. The water is also used for electricity generation, since the snowmelt collects into dam reservoirs. And for me, snow means fun, as I actually enjoy frolicking around in it, provided I don’t get wet. Hopefully the snow keeps up, as we still need far more in the upcoming months.