Russel Westbrick: Shame on the family name

Russel Westbrook (III) is an American professional basketball player for the LA Lakers of the NBA. He was with the OKC Thunder since 2008, then he left them in 2019 to begin his trade adventure: Went to the Rockets, then a year later to the Washington Wizards, then the Lakers offered a good deal to the Wizards and took in Westbrick. A brick means several things: 1) One’s shots suck (airball) often and drop like a worthless brick 2) One is heavy, meaning that they drag down players (the team), and are difficult to carry (carry as in to win).

So anyone can be a brick, like James Hardbrick, who is not only a defensive liability, but an offensive liability whenever his flops don’t result in free throws and when he’s forced to actually shoot the basketball. Unfortunately for Russel Westbrook, his last name is cursed by how simple it is to make fun of, as you simply replace the two o’s in brook with ic, for brick. This is results in double ego damage when Russel Westbrick simply isn’t performing well, even if the team itself is a giant brick. And the memes are just hilarious.

Russel Westbrick, complete with a Lakers branded construction hat.

To make matters worse, Russel lives in Los Angeles, a city that isn’t very forgiving to celebrities that just aren’t making the cut; people are more than happy to say Westbrick. Obviously Russel isn’t happy with this, and made a recent statement he won’t tolerate this. But honestly, all he can do is move from LA, play better so that no one calls him Westbrick, suck it up (which may be hard considering that Lakers fans really hate him!), or change his name.

That shot is a direct shot at Kevin Durant.

Yet Westbrick is also a hypocrite, as he allgedly insulted Kevin Durant when he left the OKC Thunder. He also wore a peculiar shirt: Adopt A Cat, referring to a tweet in which Durant called the Golden State Warriors a bunch of cats. Kevin O’Connor wasn’t having any of that, calling Westbrick a “fkn hypocrite”.

Nobody is exempt from criticism… And also, by the way, sometimes, certain criticisms that there’s truth rooted in. And sometimes, it’s important not to shut it all out and take it all in, and you got to filter that criticism. You got to know yourself and understand your own limitations as a human being and how you can get better as a person.

Kevin O’Connor via BolaVIP

Truth Kevin, truth. Can’t feel too much sympathy either, because a shamed family name is just that. There is no doubt the Westbrook family is well off and in a position of great opportunities and never having to know hunger and poverty. Unless they’re in Imperial Japan where family name matters greatly and a shamed one must be redeemed, often via seppuku. But they’re not. First world problems, man.

If you couldn’t tell, seppuku is an ‘honorable’ suicide.