Sacramento mass shooting

Gun shootings are a sad tragedy that occurs almost too often in the United States, and I daresay it’s also a preventable tragedy as well, at least with effective gun control (if it were consistent on a federal level). Sacramento just experienced a mass shooting last Sunday, in which 5 opened fire, with 6 dead. This is prompting California to pass more gun control legislation, and we as a state already have relatively comprehensive gun control laws. The new law in question will “allow people to file civil lawsuits against anyone who distributes illegal assault weapons, parts that can be used to build weapons, guns without serial numbers, or .50-caliber rifles.” But the law isn’t just after illegal gun distributors, but also targets Texas’s overreaching and illegal anti-abortion legislation.

Gov. Newsom had at one point expressed a desire to do what Texas did, but against guns, which he considered would be much better as it would save lives, not telling women what they can/can’t do with their bodies. The new gun control legislation, drafted by State Senator Hertzberg, intentionally follows the same framework as Texas’s anti-abortion laws, which is broadly defined and allows “citizens to go after those who provide or assist in providing abortions.” Hertzberg calls it an “monkey see, monkey do’ rubric”, with the hope that the Supreme Court would declare Texas’s anti-abortion laws unconstitutional, which invalidates Hertzberg’s legislation bill, if it ends up passing. If not, the Supreme Court will have opened pandora’s box, because states would love to exercise legislation that otherwise goes against federal laws.

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