Brandon Staley blows game and great opportunity for L.A. Chargers

I am so disgusted right now I could spit. Brandon Staley, head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, blew a game and an opportunity of historic proportion. Everyone is talking about how the Chargers blew this or the Chargers blew that but let’s call it like it needs to be called. Brandon Staley should be held solely accountable for the debacle the entire country witnessed in primetime on Thursday Night Football.

So many are quibbling about play calls and asking, “Why didn’t they run it more on the goal line instead of passing?” Please! Staley blew it as a head coach in a divisional game that the Chargers played well enough, mostly, to win hands down, going away, before that stupid, completely unnecessary, overtime period. Head coaches need to be above the fray of emotion and unbridled competitive fire that leads to bad strategy on the field. At some point, Staley is the one with ultimate responsibility of making decisions that put the team in the best position to win.

At the end of the day, the Chargers had multiple opportunities to kick a field goal in lieu of succumbing to the high emotions of any one of these moments. I actually liked the ballsy and bold decision of going for it on 4th down at the very beginning of the game. At that point of the game, you really having nothing to lose because you have the rest of the game to make it up if you come up empty. In a game as important as this one was, Staley failed to make the tough decision multiple times to do what was needed to win the game. It’s a horrible feeling to come away with 3 points when you could have put up 7.

The only thing worse is come away empty handed, which Staley did multiple times. The Chargers didn’t lose this game. Brandon Staley did and if I was the owner, I’d give him his walking papers.